Strayer staff signing the Pledge for Possible

This year, we’re asking all of our faculty, staff, and students to sign the Pledge for Possible. For us, it’s to show our commitment to doing everything we can to make your educational and professional success possible. For you, it’s a commitment to something even bigger.

The Pledge for Possible is your commitment to pursuing your passion, to improving yourself, and setting an example for those closest to you. Most important, it’s taking the first step to f to committing yourself to achieving your goals.

Give us your doubts and we will help you focus on your dreams
Talk to us. Tell us what you feel is keeping you from working on your goals. By just speaking it out loud, you are already taking on your first challenge.

Tell us what’s standing in your way and we will guide you through every step
Strayer University has the staff, programs, and resources to provide academic, financial, and emotional support. Let us help you draw up a plan that will help you clear the biggest hurdles to achieving your degree.

Commit to put in the time it takes and we will help make it work with your schedule
Time is often one of the biggest challenges for adults going back to school for their degree. With flexible online and on-campus classes, we can create a schedule that works with all the other responsibilities of your daily life.

Actively seek help along the way and we will keep you on the path to success
At Strayer, you will be assigned a personal Success Coach who is with you throughout your educational journey. Ask for help, and they will be happy to provide it.

Believe your education is possible. We will show you how.
You have to believe it’s possible to achieve it. Pledge it to yourself, and we’ll be 100% behind you.