We all have dreams of what we want to be or accomplish when we’re a kid – an astronaut, actor, teacher or preservationist. Looking back on it, with education and hard work, all of our childhood dreams were really possible. So what held some of us back; why didn’t we follow through?

As we grow up, doubt creeps in. We start to question our abilities, and too often, we begin to think it’s never going to happen. We lose our childhood innocence in believing we can be what we want to be, as long as we remain dedicated to the goal. We stop the pursuit and settle.

To break this cycle, we filmed kids discussing what they want to be. Then, we asked them if impossible-sounding feats were actually possible. Then, we showed them the proof.

Watch the video and feel what these kids feel when they see the impossible made possible. Let it reaffirm that with education and commitment, you too can accomplish your goals.