Strayer University Alumnus Sheron Branch, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, 2010

Working professionals, fathers, friends…one distinguishing factor about many Strayer students is that they are wearers of many hats.

Like many, alumnus Sheron Branch had to balance professional and family life. While Sheron was keen on pursuing his education, he found that life consistently got in the way. He struggled to find a program that addressed his academic and professional goals while accommodating his family obligations and schedule.

Then Sheron found Strayer University, whose flexible programs exactly fit Sheron’s busy schedule.

It Wasn’t Easy, But It Was Worth It

When Sheron decided to pursue a degree, he had to balance many obligations, including a small family and full-time job, along with a full load of classes.

Sheron’s secret sauce to success: plan ahead and stay motivated! While still managing to put family first, Sheron worked diligently towards his degree during weeknights and weekends. He took positive actions to encourage himself and help himself stay motivated, one of which was taking the time to acknowledge his successes. “To make obtaining my degree appear more attainable, I would draw a line through every course I had completed that quarter,” Sheron says, “It made my goal of completing my degree look that much closer.”

The hard work paid off: Sheron graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Strayer University in 2010, and he is now considering pursuing a Master’s degree.

A Wealth of Opportunities

Graduating from Strayer has afforded Sheron many opportunities, helping him to gain seniority and advance an impressive career.

Since graduating from Strayer, Sheron has worked for a range of companies and major corporations including Myers & Stauffer, Caliper, Inc., and Wells Fargo, where he serves as an Operations Accountant. Sheron also currently serves as a Senior Financial Analyst in support of DOD-DLA for Integrated Financial Accounting Solutions.

“Being a Strayer graduate provided me with the opportunity to hold several positions in the Accounting arena,” Sheron says, “Thank you, Strayer, for the opportunity!”


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