Dr. Eve Taylor pictured above with the Executive Board members of the Daniel A.P. Murray African American Cultural Association at the Library of Congress.

Everyone has a calling.


Dr. Eve Taylor, chaplain, motivational speaker and author of “Discover Your Why” founds hers in 2004, after receiving her MBA from Strayer University. Her purpose? Helping others to find theirs.


Dr. Taylor’s MBA paved the way to a rich and diverse career, and throughout it, she has worn many hats. Not only is she a chaplain, community organizer and speaker, but a missionary, leadership consultant, and renowned radio personality (catch her show every Monday on Radio One Spirit DC!).


Since graduating with her MBA, she has traveled the world, helping thousands of people young and old find and act upon their passions. She founded Discover Your Why, a faith-based organization that helps people “unlock their potential” and “reveal their reason for living.” The organization offers guidance, workshops, exercises and other discovery tools to those looking to advance in their careers and their lives.


Dr. Taylor believes every destination needs a roadmap. That’s why she offers integrative action and counseling based on interrogative words: why, what, when, where, who, how and why. She believes, by answering these questions, those who feel lost or directionless can pinpoint their goals and find a renewed sense of purpose and life. Strayer University helped Dr. Taylor identify the “what, when and where” of her degree. Now as a proud alumnus she’s helping other prospective students with the “how and why.”

What is the “why” behind YOUR education? Everyone has a calling—what’s yours?