Dr. Hannah Hughes Is Ready for Any Challenge

Hannah Hughes loves a good challenge.

She’s vice provost for healthcare programs at Strayer University. She’s also Dean of the School of Nursing.

She was a nursing student once. And her secret to success, both then and now, is simple.

It’s determination.

How to Survive a Challenge

“I have had many challenges and obstacles and roadblocks throughout my career and educational journey,” she says. “But through each challenge, I learned how to be more determined.”

Her determination not to submit to defeat but to overcome obstacles using grit is something Hannah shares with her students and coworkers.

And it’s all thanks to her college education.

“I learned how to empower and encourage other people,” she says. “I learned how to help them push past those roadblocks and accomplish their goals and dreams.”

Dedication and Determination

Dr. Hughes brings her determination to work every single day. She’s a testament to how a dedication to improving yourself through higher education can take you places you never imagined you’d go.

Want to accomplish your professional goals and dreams? Start by dedicating yourself to them.

Then, become determined to make them a reality.


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