My racing days may be over, but my fame hasn’t lost its luster. I have a shiny new suit, red and sleek, and not to brag, but I’m kind of a big deal.

After being asked by Strayer University to go on tour, I had to weigh my options.  They assured me I wouldn’t have to spend hours at the track or worry about competing.  All I would have to do is show up at events across the country, try the food, and most importantly, look sharp.  It’s fun to meet new people (wouldn’t it be great if some of them became Strayer students?!) and I love to travel so thought, how hard could it be, right?  WRONG!

The stresses of fame are so difficult.  Always having to be the center of attention, constantly worrying about how I look, people scrambling to take pictures of me everywhere I go…it’s exhausting!  Being a celebrity is such hard work.

Thank goodness I have two of my very own personal assistants.  They do take very good care of me.  I’m always polished to perfection and they’re constantly working to keep children’s sticky finger smudges off my new suit.  It’s so nice to sit and listen to them brag about my 850 horsepower engine and electronic fuel injection.  I have my very own matching Strayer-branded truck and hauler so I travel in style too!

I don’t want to name drop, but I’ve already met a bunch of other celebs! Santa, the Atlanta Hawks, Captain Jack Sparrow, and even a fiery bull are all in my inner circle now.

All in all, life on the road is tough, but I guess it has its perks!