Wings Over South Texas was an incredible showing of speed and exhilaration.  The sky was filled with streaks and swirls as jets of all shapes and sizes showed off their skills.

The Blue Angels must have nerves of steel because their tricks were full of dips and dives designed to keep you on the edge of your seat!  During my racing days, I was so far ahead of the pack that I didn’t have to worry about any other cars invading my personal space but these guys were inches away from one another.  Talk about laser sharp precision.  I should think about doing something like this with some of my fellow NASCAR show cars, the problem is that none of them can keep up with me!

Those jets are wicked cool.  All the ladies wanted pictures with them, although I think they were secretly more interested in the pilots than the planes (don’t tell the jets that though!).  I finally have friends who understand how difficult it is to be a celebrity.  Although…I do think the jets might be a little jealous because their pilotscouldn’t wait to snap pics with me.

Hearing the powerful roar of some of the fiercest engines in town makes for one awesome weekend and fun times hanging out with my peeps!

Next stop…San Antonio!  Let’s see what sort of trouble I can get into at the Alamo.