“Show us your boots!” … not something you hear every day unless you’re down south at the Fiesta San Antonio. I was lucky enough to recently get a front row spot at the Fiesta Flambeau and the Battle of the Flower Parades! Thousands gathered to see the king and queen courts ride down on elaborate and colorful floats covered in beautiful flowers. It seems to be a tradition for the women of the courts to lift up their fancy dresses just enough to show off their cowgirl boots.

During my visit, I learned that the Fiesta Flambeau is considered to be the “Mardi Gras of Texas” so you can imagine the excitement of the crowd as the bands and floats passed by. The Fiesta Flambeau takes place at night, but the evening sky was lit up with flashlights that shined on the floats, dance teams, and marching bands, making the parade route brighter than ever!

Did I mention the pin collecting? The annual pin trading and collecting is just as elaborate and important as the Fiesta itself! I met one woman who has collected 35 pins, one from each Fiesta event she’s attended. Maybe she can turn one into a magnet so I can wear it on the front of my hood.

The community was fun, the weather wonderful, the parade impressive, and I got to meet a lot of great people. All in all, I’d say the Fiesta San Antonio was a hit!

Next stop…Memphis, Tennessee for the World Championship BBQ Contest!