Readdress Success

When considering our own success, we tend to evaluate where we are versus where we wish to be. That tunnel vision creates a ton of pressure, and it hinders our ability to recognize how successful we truly are.

Success isn’t just about reaching your pinnacle goal. It’s about what you get out of the journey along the way — the relationships you build, the lives you touch, the way you respond to adversity and the joy you give and receive from the small victories in life. There are so many ways to find success in life, and you’ll realize them when you start paying attention to the bigger picture.

It’s this tunnel vision mentality, the fixation on the end result, that spurred us at Strayer to take a stand. We recognize that success is much more than the completion of an end goal. To our surprise, we found that most of the country agrees.

Our Readdress Success campaign has swarmed the nation, and is quickly building steam. What began with a petition (still a driving force) has turned into a movement.

What do you say? Join the movement. Recognize your own success, and in turn, help others do the same.