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Work, school, home life…that’s enough for even the strongest person to deal with deftly. Don’t ever forget, though, the power of friendships. Having a good network of friends is an important addition to your life for the support system they create. Want to know how to dedicate adequate time to your friends? Keep reading…

Carve Out Time (And Stick to it!)

Deceptively simple, of course, but setting scheduled hangouts makes it easier to stay committed to plans. Coffee once a month, drinks every other Friday? Once you have a more consistent time to dedicate to friends, it’s easier to both keep plans and cancel if something comes up. Can’t make it this Thursday? We always have next week. You can even try more organized/timely activities like trivia night at a bar, or joining a bowling league, that adds another layer of commitment to the process.

Be Overly Communicative

Even if we don’t always have time for dinner, we have a few moments in the day to text. “How’s it going?” or “The FUNNIEST thing happened in class today!” can spark little conversations that help maintain the bonds you’ve created with others, and it means more than you’d expect for someone to know you’re thinking about them.    

Love Means Having To Say You’re Sorry Sometimes

If the current semester means you’ve been neglecting friends, don’t let it slide; saying you’re sorry can ease tensions and resentments, and it’s a mature way to handle mistakes and build a bridge towards the future.

The Social Network

Maintaining friendships can have more benefits than meets the eye. Especially if you have friends in industries similar to yours, they can be a valuable resource for new career opportunities. Remember, sometimes, it’s not only what you know–it’s who you know, too.

Life can get pretty hectic during your time at Strayer, and it’s never easy to fulfill all of your responsibilities. But personal investments like maintaining friendships can have great return.