5 Ways Strayer Helps Make Your Education Possible

We get it. You want to do it, but finding the time is hard. You’ve got your job, maybe even kids, friends, a home, responsibilities—sometimes, all you want to do is absolutely nothing for just one day.

We’ve been there, so we thought we’d share some personal stories on how Strayer has helped other students make their degrees possible, breaking down the barriers that were preventing them from earning their degrees.


  1. Transfer credits (Image of Lindsay King)

Transfer credits can go a long way in shortening how many classes you need to complete to earn your degree. Strayer has transfer alliances with more than 460 colleges and universities, and our easy transfer credit process also takes into account relevant work experience. The bottom line, we can help you save both time and money.

As student Lindsay King explains, “Strayer makes my education possible by allowing me to make the most of my previous education while also offering alternative credit options to expedite my graduation.”


  1. Online and on-campus resources (Image of Kimberly Matthews)

Strayer helped Kimberly Matthews make her degree possible “by providing resources online such as the library and tutoring options.” With extensive course videos, discussion boards, study materials and more online, including the tutors Kimberly mentions, Strayer helps make the online learning an interactive and collaborative experience.


  1. Success Coaches (Image of Cynthia Golson)

“Success coaches make it possible,” states Cynthia Golson. Every student at Strayer is assigned a personal Success Coach. Their responsibility is to connect you to life and educational resources to help you along the path to obtaining your degree. Success Coaches also act as an advisor, to help you work through any difficulties and provide emotional and moral support.


  1. iCampus (Image of Monir Hosan Salim)

iCampus is our proprietary learning portal, and your gateway to all things online at Strayer. Registering for courses, attending class, completing and submitting assignments, connecting with other students, taking tests—it’s all through iCampus.

For Monir Hosan Salim, iCampus elevated his entire Strayer experience. “Strayer is the best school for students,” he says, “especially iCampus, it was very helpful for me. I like the Strayer education system very much.”


  1. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility! (Image of Charman Alston)

On-campus learning on the evenings and weekends, or online classes anywhere, at any time. You have the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can study and learn on any device.

These are the tools that helped make Charman Alston’s education possible. “Strayer provided flexibility in my very busy schedule,” says Charman. “Strayer works for me.”


Some parting advice

Keep in mind that in the beginning, going back to school will seem like a lot. But as time progresses, and the more you take advantage of Strayer resources and engage with peers, it will get easier. You’ll adapt to your schedule and hopefully, like over 100,000 other people who have earned their bachelor’s or master’s from Strayer, gain the confidence to finish your degree.