What you can visualize, you can accomplish. One way of doing that? Visualizing your success. How? Through a vision board.


What IS a Vision Board?

A vision board is where goals meet motivation. Essentially, a vision board is a tool used to help you maintain focus on a specific goal. As the name implies, a vision board helps you visualize your goals, letting you SEE what success looks like. Visualizing this success is a powerful mental exercise that uplifts the spirit, focuses the mind, and keeps you focused on your goals.

Why Do Vision Boards Work?

Don’t write off vision boards! Vision boards aren’t just fluff—they really work. The artsy aspect of it may turn some people off—it feels indulgent in a way—but vision boards are scientifically proven to have positive impact upon mindset and success. The best way to achieve your goals is to constantly keep them at top of mind—hence the vision board.

Your vision board should be something you reference every day—it should be placed somewhere you can easily see it. The vision board reminds you of your goals, reminds you why it’s worth it to keep working at them.  Visualizing your goals is a powerful motivator!

How to Get Started with a Vision Board

A vision board can be anything. Your vision board can be a real board you hang up on the wall over your desk or in your bedroom, or it can be an online one. Use Pinterest, Tumblr, or a similar visualization site to get your online board going. If you’d rather have a material board, all you need is a corkboard, poster sheet, or other material (your vision board can be any size you like—just make sure it’s easily visible!).

Here’s the fun part: filling in your vision board! Find pictures or symbols that represent your goals, feelings, and experiences. Imagine you are an artist or an illustrator—how would you depict your ideal life? How do you envision your success? (link text to: You can use anything to fill in your board: drawings, photographs from the Internet, magazine cutouts, quotes, words, and more. Feel free to get creative and put anything that speaks to you. Your vision board is also a great place to post your positive affirmations, inspirational messages and any other thoughts you have. In sum, what belongs on your vision board is anything that inspires you and makes you feel good.

Share Your Vision Board with Us!

We want to see what inspires you! Participate in our 2018 challenge and share a photo of your vision board online by using the hashtag #LetsGetIt2018!