Strayer University BBA student Veronica Lawerence

Graduating is a good feeling.

It’s even better when you’d never thought it was possible.

Graduating and Inspiring

Just ask Strayer graduate Veronica Holland-Lawrence (BBA ’14). A program analyst for the National Institutes of Health, she’s also working toward a master’s degree in business administration.

“When I walked across the stage with my bachelor’s, it was something I’d thought I would never obtain,” she says.

But Veronica had her daughters as a constant source of inspiration for her. They are what propelled her to get her bachelor’s degree and they both still inspire her every day

What Inspires You?

Veronica soon won’t be the only graduate in her family. Her walk across that stage to get her bachelor’s degree inspired one of her daughters to do the same.

“My daughter saw that she could do it,” Veronica says. “So she enrolled back in school, and she’ll be graduating next year.”

Being a mom and wanting to do her best, and to be her best, for her daughters – that’s what motivates and inspires Veronica.

What inspires you?

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