Strayer University RN to BSN program student Cherri Rogers

Cherri Rogers, an RN to BSN program student at Strayer University, hadn’t immediately intended to get her nursing degree.

It took two key moments in her life to change her mindset and push her onto her current path to success.

Two Important Moments

The first moment happened a few years after high school.

Cherri was spending time with some friends. Someone in the group made a casual remark: “Did you not become a nurse because someone said you couldn’t?”  It stuck with her because it showed she’d overcome a big challenge.

The second moment was recalling a long-forgotten promise to herself. This one hit closer to home.

“I’d kept telling myself that when my son was in first grade I would go back and complete my education,” she says. “Before I know it, he’s 21 years old and graduating from college and I had still yet to go back.”

“It’s Time for Me”

It was time for Cherri to put her education, and the future of her career, first.

She knew she had spent long enough dodging the pledge she’d made to herself and her family. Now, it was time to finally go after her nursing degree.

“I made the decision that maybe it’s time for me.”

She’s living proof of the words she’s always told her family: You are your education. And no one can take that from you.

“It’s challenging,” she says of her current RN to BSN program. “But it’s well worth it.”


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