As businesses become more reliant on technology, they also become more dependent on those who maintain and improve it.  Consequently, the job market for IT professionals continues to grow.

Importance of IT in a Business

The majority of companies, regardless of their focus, employ IT professionals.  From routine maintenance to website design, the expanding needs of different companies continues to drive the demand for IT specialists.  Additionally, the never-ending development of new hardware and software generates the need for employees with expertise in installation, networks, servers, and design.  The opportunities within IT are consistently on the rise.

Job availability

Nationwide, the IT job market has experienced steady growth.  The 34th Annual SIM IT Trends Study surveyed some of the top IT professional from over 600 companies.  The study indicated that, over the past five years, the vast majority of companies have increased their IT budgets.  Furthermore, the study concluded that the majority of companies would increase their number of internal IT employees.  This translates to an increased number of IT related jobs.

Growing IT Markets

Healthcare IT is an area that is experiencing rapid growth.  Toms IT Pro, a valuable source for IT trends and information, has valued Healthcare IT certificates among the top in 2014.  World Economic Forum’s article The Top Internet and Technology Trends of 2014 detailed their predictions that the “mHealth market [will] be worth $11.8 billion by 2018.”  Additionally, “we can anticipate […] the personalization of the healthcare industry through technology and data.”  The article also indicated that e-learning is a growing trend.  TEKsystems Annual IT Forecast stated that other growth areas include mobile, cloud, and information security.

Earning a degree Degree in IT sets individuals up for stability, high earning potential and a rewarding career in a field that is continually expanding and affording professionals new and exciting opportunities.