For the Strayer University Success Coaches, your success is theirs: they believe in you and focus exclusively on helping you achieve your goals. Through academic support, career counseling, and a range of other services, they are right there with you from enrollment to graduation, guiding you along the path to personal success. But no matter how you utilize your Success Coach’s services, they will ultimately become something far more valuable and impactful than a liaison or point of contact: they will become your mentor.

Behind every success story are the people who helped to make it possible. Take a moment to look at where you are, and reflect back on how you got here. As a student, or somebody about to return to school, you have already achieved so much. Recognizing your passion, whether it is business, education, or anything else, is a success. Pursuing the career you want, and making the decision to transform your life through education is a success.

Who played a role in those achievements? A parent? A teacher? A particularly exceptional boss? All of us have known somebody who’s touched our life and influenced the path our life would take. A mentor can be anybody who invests in you. They guide you with their knowledge and experience. They inspire you to be your best self. Many people find more than one mentor at different stages of their life. Enrolling in an online degree program is a pivotal stage of your life, and we’re committed to ensuring that you have somebody in your corner.

It helps to have someone behind your success story. So what can a Success Coach do for you?

Success Factor #1: Success Coaches are Professional Mentors

A mentor is a person who you can turn to for advice and encouragement—someone who believes in your dreams as much as you do, and wants to help you achieve them. They play a definitive role in your life, and through that role, eventually becomes somebody who supports, encourages, and guides you. Parents are your first caregivers, but they become the people who shape a large part of who you are. Teachers and professors enter your life to teach you, but sometimes their impact reaches deeper than the academic lesson and extends beyond the classroom.

Mentors enter your life almost by happenstance or they were a person who influenced you and became a part of your success. These are who the Success Coaches are: professional mentors. It’s their job. Success coaches have at least three years of experience in an educational setting, and many of them have a background in adult education. These are people whose entire careers are dedicated to changing lives.

Every interaction you have with your Success Coach will be about how they can help you—what you need to advance in your goals—and that kind of dedicated service is invaluable to guaranteeing that you have the tools you need to be a success.

Success Factor #2: Personalized Attention and Access to Resources

Even though Success Coaches work with a group of students, they work with you individually as well. Your time spent with a Success Coach is your time, and you will have their undivided attention. They are there to meet your needs and the two of you collaborate on a personalized plan for success.

Success Coaches are also your point of contact to virtually any Strayer University department you need access too. They are well connected, and positioned to be a liaison between students and staff members. Whether you need help with your financial aid status, or have questions for the bursar—even if you need guidance in changing your major—Success Coaches will connect you with the right people. If you are searching for professional networking opportunities, including job fairs and alumni connections, the Success Coaches are there for you.

Success Factor #3: Measurable Milestones

Perhaps one of the most practical benefits of having a Success Coach is the quantifiable benchmarks for your success plan. Your roadmap to success, as defined by you and your coach, can take the form of a literal plan, with steps and markers to keep you on track or overarching goals. Success Coaches check in on your performance, report on your progress, and help you set tangible goals. With such a solid plan in place, it becomes very easy to measure your success and stay the course.

If, at the end of a quarter, you are not where you want to be academically, you and your coach can look back on your success plan to determine why and figure out how to improve. Getting into the habit of planning things out beyond your time at Strayer University, holds you accountable for your own success.

Knowing what your Success Coach can do for you, and how you will benefit from those services, is an important step of the process. Recognizing that you don’t have to go it alone and deciding to enlist the help of a coach is a success in and of itself. One day, when you have realized your dreams, you will hopefully look back and consider your Success Coach to be one of the mentors who helped you get there.

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