Success Tips from Strayer University Students

Who gives you the best advice? Which tidbits of wisdom and thoughtful suggestions do you take most to heart? When we need advice, the first people we turn to are often our mentors. We look to them for their experience, because they are typically older and more knowledgeable, like a parent or a professor, or because they are professionally trained to guide us, like a Strayer University Success Coach.

However, there is much to be said for learning from our peers. Fellow students experiencing many of the same challenges as you and thriving have a special perspective you can relate to. How do you stay on track during your time off between quarters? How do you manage your time effectively? Who better to give you tips? You’ll be surprised how enlightening it is to hear these things from people who are actually living it, just like you are.

To work full-time and earn a quality education online is its own success in and of itself, and Strayer University students aren’t done succeeding! Hear how they do it, and let their words be an inspiration to you!

“Pursuing a college education was a dream I’ve had for the last 15 years – a dream that was made possible by being able to go to school where I work. “While earning my degree, I learned strategic decision-making, management and business policies and have laid the foundation for career advancement and my future.”
– Chadwick Ambrose, Charlotte 2013 Valedictorian; BBA ’13 (Took classes from Strayer University’s campus in the North Charleston, S.C., Verizon Wireless call center)

“My graduate journey was positively impacted by the diverse teachers I had at Strayer University. Each professor brought something unique to the classroom. I have grown as a person and am more efficient in my job as a result of earning my degree.”
– Makeda Winn, Charlotte 2013 Outstanding Alumni ; MHSA ‘2011

“I still use many of the skills I developed at Strayer in my work today. I designed a training program for my final thesis that I now apply at work and I’ve been able to take on more responsibilities since earning my degree.”
– Khanspasha J. Feaster, Charlotte 2014 Outstanding Alumni ; MBA ‘08

“Without the help of a crystal ball to see my future, I knew I was doing the right thing by going to Strayer University. I met great people and had great professors and always got a sense that everyone wanted me to succeed. I enjoyed the journey – it wasn’t easy but it was worth it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
– Rosie Allen-Herring, MBA ’94, President and CEO, United Way of the National Capital Area

“I come from a history of educators and graduates, and it was important for me to keep this family tradition of valuing education. As my kids grew up, I wanted to be a role model for them and also fulfill the promise I made to my grandmother.”
– Julius W. Milton, Jr, Charlotte 2014 Valedictorian; BBA ‘14, concentration in healthcare services

Which of these tips resonates with you? What advice do you have for fellow students? Your story is your own, but it can be an inspiration to others, and we’d love to hear in the comments!

Tell us your own success tips, and find out the different ways you can connect with the larger Strayer University community—accessing a slew of student support resources and networking with other students. Don’t be shy, join the conversation and learn what your classmates have to teach you!