A new, custom Blackboard application for mobile devices will make Strayer University online courses more accessible for students and will foster greater engagement in online discussions.

“This application enhances online classes by increasing interactivity and convenience for students,” says Sheena Bhasin, vice president of academic programs and technology.

“It also better facilitates Strayer University’s class participation policy of at least three posts in each weekly discussion because students can participate in  discussions at any time, from anywhere.”

The interface is user friendly and makes responding to discussion forums similar to responding to a text or instant message. It also enables students to easily attach files and post videos (if the mobile device has a front-facing camera), sends alerts when an instructor posts an announcement and allows students to check grades, view documents and upload assignments.

Students who opt to use the application should be aware that many Strayer University lectures use Adobe Flash, which is not supported on all Apple and some Android devices. Students with these devices should be sure to view these lectures on a computer or download an application that enables Flash (such as Puffin Web Browser or Cloud Browse). Strayer University is in the process of creating content in HTML5, which is supported on all mobile devices.

Students can download the Blackboard Mobile Learn application from the App Store or Google Play, and sign in using their Blackboard user name and password.