Add Drop Time- Crafting your Course Load

Add/Drop Time: How to Craft Your Course Load

Sometimes when we’re registering for classes, it’s difficult to gauge exactly how our course load is going to look. In theory, when selecting courses we keep our schedules in mind, as well as credit hours and the requirements they satisfy. But as the quarter begins, we see how our selected courses actually fit into our […]


The Six Deadly Sins of Leadership

Being a leader is perhaps the hardest challenge any of us will ever face. No matter how long we work at it, practicing the right behaviors is a never-ending task. Knowing – and avoiding – the wrong ones is too. Thus, we offer the following six common leadership pitfalls: 1. Not Giving Self-Confidence its Due. […]

Is a Business Degree Worth it?

The above question isn’t an original one. Everywhere I look I read articles and commentary by people alternately extolling and discounting the virtues of a degree, with a master’s of business administration receiving either high praise or vitriolic disdain respectively.  A lot of people have a dog in the current fights we’re having over jobs, […]