There are many benefits to helping those in need.  When choosing to volunteer, one learns to work under the direction of others and build upon skills that are applicable to both school and the workplace.

Learn to Take Direction and Take Initiative

When serving the community, whether feeding the homeless or tutoring children, individuals tend to choose something about which they are passionate.  While rewarding, it takes initiative to dedicate oneself to what is often challenging work.

Serving the community teaches discipline, follow-through and the need to put others first.  These lessons are useful in so many areas of our lives.  Making small sacrifices for the benefit of others leads to our own personal satisfaction and growth.

Community Service Looks Great on a Resume

Volunteer experience is an excellent addition to any resume.  It demonstrates the applicant’s dedication and passion to something more than themselves.  It also indicates that a potential employee will bring enthusiasm to any team.  A 2013 community survey conducted by found that 76% of respondents believed that working, volunteering, or interning for a nonprofit is important experience to have.

Gain Experience that Applies to Education

Once one enters the job market, employers will greatly value any experience in their respective field. For example, those planning a career in criminal justice have numerous opportunities to volunteer at group homes, either with troubled teens or parolees.  According to Brazen Careerist, “41 percent of hiring authorities surveyed by LinkedIn rated volunteer experience equally as important as paid experience.”

Build Self-Confidence

Helping others can help to build one’s own self-confidence, which is then evident in a person’s demeanor and performance.  It can help people become increasingly positive about both schoolwork and their own personal accomplishments.  Confidence boosts productivity, which can benefit both grades and job performance.

There are many benefits to volunteering.  Simply helping others and giving back to society makes it a worthwhile endeavor.  However, one can also enjoy the additional perks of volunteering and helping their community.